Board of Directors

The Ohr Chadash Academy Board of Directors is comprised of a cross section of our community to provide the broadest range of service and expertise available.


Each member of the Board of Directors serves on a committee. The committees are chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and are made up of a combination of Board members and other school and community members. In addition, an independent Financial Oversight Committee, with expertise in non-profit and school management, ensures that sound financial practices are the backbone of Ohr Chadash Academy.  


If you would like to join a committee, please contact us at to get involved.



Members of the Board of Directors


Terri Rosen


Mel Pachino

First Vice President

Josh Erez

Vice President and Chair of Facilities

Michael Lowenstein


Lanie Carter

Secretary and Marketing Chair
Jacob Blumenfeld
Dr. Dov Elman
Toby Fader 

Ken Gelula
Ruth Klein Heller 
Amian Kelemer
Pam Lehmann
Barry Levi
Helen London
Michael Lowenstein
Craig Neuman
David Reidy  
Dr. Susie Schoenfeld
Dr. Elliot Schwarzenberger
Dr. Reuven Stern  
Ari Taragin
Dr. Holly VanderWalde
Jeffrey Venick 
Rosemary Warschawski





  • Development
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Governance