OCA's Vision and Mission



Community-אחדות * Individuality-יחודיות * Excellence-הצטיינות


Mission Statement

At Ohr Chadash Academy we are committed to delivering excellence in Judaic and general studies education in a warm and vibrant environment. In our highly motivating, Torah-driven curriculum, we emphasize the inherent kedusha of all learning to enhance and integrate Judaic and general studies. We encourage each student’s individual growth and accomplishment as well as his or her participation in a caring community.


Our use of differentiated instruction, together with state of the art educational technology, ensures that each student is able to access a carefully designed experiential learning process that culminates in the mastery of skills and concepts. With a reliable skill base and the encouragement to follow individual interests, OCA students naturally develop an enduring love for learning.


We emphasize Yirat Shamayim and refined personal Middot. We want Ohr Chadash Academy students to become ethically sensitive, productive individuals with the skills, knowledge, and desire to engage in the world around them and to contribute as confident leaders to the Jewish community and society at large.


At Ohr Chadash Academy, we believe in the religious significance of the state of Israel and encourage the relationship with Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael through the study of its history, language and culture.